Meet Alpa Dhamecha

Welcome to my Fusion Healthy Cooking

Welcome to Fusion Healthy Cooking; an art of healing your mind and soul.

I have always had an intrinsic passion in cooking so in the past I have trained to become a holistic health advisor and am qualified in the study of Macrobiotic cooking taught by the well renowned Simon Brown in his ‘Chi energy’ classes in order to gain a more formal understanding of Macrobiotic cooking.

As well as my knowledge and passion as a health advisor, my Mediterranean and Indian background has helped me to cumulate a series of vegetarian and organic dishes inspired by both cultures, with the main focus of macrobiotic cooking.

I provide a range of classes for different ages, mothers to be, university students, both one to one classes and in groups. I also provide the service of a personal chef.

Fusion Healthy Cooking offers holistic classes in an interesting, delicious and informative way, where you will learn about the benefits of food so you can take greater control over your health and wellbeing.

Fusion Healthy Cooking an art of healing your mind and soul.

Previously, I had never really had an understanding of what to eat in order to have a healthy balanced diet. Having delved into further research about healthy eating I realised a lot of the foods that I had previously enjoyed were either processed or refined foods. Determined to change my bad habits, I started eating more healthily where my diet was more alkaline consisting more of salads, fruit, and whole grain. This change significantly benefited my lifestyle; I started to sleep better, I felt so much more positive and energetic. I am passionate to spread these benefits as it really changed my life and I would like to pass these benefits on to you too.

As well as providing healthy cooking classes I also provide yoga classes for people of ages 16 and over and with different abilities. Since the last 15 years, I have been practicing different types of yoga. In particular, Kundalini Yoga stood out the most for me where I gained so many benefits.

I came to realization that Kundalini Yoga had become a part of my life and the benefits showed; I felt and looked younger, felt calmer, energetic and healthier. This was a divine feeling of happiness and seeing and appreciating the gifts in life.

This made me want to gain a better understanding of Kundalini Yoga as well as raise awareness to others of the benefits, so I took a teaching training yoga course. I am now a qualified yoga instructor and hold regular classes as well as providing workshops consisting of both my yoga and healthy cooking classes.

With the passing away of my father due the Pancreatic Cancer, the Pancreatic Cancer UK Charity is something very close and dear to me, please take a moment to have a look and if possible help with their fundrasing too.