Fusion Healthy Cooking

Macrobiotics involves a balanced diet to promote healthiness and happiness. Eating the right food has a great impact on your body not only physically but emotionally too.

Macrobiotics consists of eating fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains, seaweed, fermented foods, seeds, nuts and soy products, all rich in fibre and avoiding meat, processed and refined foods. Eating this kind of balanced diet helps to ‘Alkalise’ our body to reach a correct and happy state.

Fusion Healthy Cooking offers a range of Holistic Cooking in an interesting, delicious and informative way teaching about the benefits of food enabling you to empower yourself, taking much greater control over your health and wellbeing.

I provide a range of classes for different ages, mother’s to be, both one to one classes and in groups.

Previously, I had never really had an understanding of what to eat in order to have a healthy balanced diet. Having delved into further research about healthy eating I realised a lot of the foods that I had previously enjoyed were either processed or refined foods. Determined to change my bad habits, I started eating more healthily where my diet was more alkaline consisting more of salads, fruit, and whole grain. This change significantly benefited my lifestyle; I started to sleep better, I felt so much more positive and energetic. I am passionate to spread these benefits as it really changed my life and I would really like to help you change yours too.